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5 Year Plan for Custom Studio
Star Gems unveils new custom design app - Custom Studio
International Jewelry Manufacturer and Loose Diamond Importer; Star Gems Inc has announced the soft launch of an innovative new custom design app, Custom Studio. Star Gems has recently transitioned totally into custom design, moving away from stocking a regular product line.
According to Anish Desai, President and CEO of Star Gems, the company has produced over 10,000 designs in the last two years and plans to incorporate thousands of these designs in their Custom Studio app. The app will be developed in 4 phases as the company builds a 3D directory of images, videos and CAD file details - including retail pricing and online checkout.
Designs on the first of its kind app can be customized to meet customer requests for different shape and size center stones, as well as the option to add or remove stones from any design to meet your customer's desires and budget. The app will also feature unknown, talented designers, giving them a worldwide platform for their designs through their retail partners.
All designs will be offered in silver, 10k, 18k, platinum, palladium and Star Gem's Rhx no rhodium gold. Many of the designs in the app can also be requested in silver CZ samples which can be used as selling aids.
Phase 1 will bring the official launch and introduce countless designs as the 3D directory of images and videos is built. The 3D directory will provide an opportunity to develop inspiration from past designs and include retail pricing as is or with customer requested changes. "The app will be compatible with every browsing platform, including Apple, Android, Windows 10 and a Cloud-based desktop version," says Desai. "It will have a controlled launch of 300 retailers who will be the first subscribers and be guaranteed a sign on rate for helping us kick-start the app. It will initially be launched with approximately 300-500 designs."
Phase 2 is slated to take place between the June 2016 launch and June 2017. During that time Star Gems plans to expand its directory of custom designs in 3D video as well as CAD still images. "By June 2017 we plan to have a total of 1500+ designs to choose from on the app," said Desai. All items on the app can be customized to customer specifications using stones supplied by Star Gems or customer supplied stones if desired. This phase will also see the introduction of some of the world's bet yet-unknown designers on the platform.
Phase 3 is scheduled for June 2017 - June 2018. By this point the app should be in heavy use with retailers on the subscriber program. Star Gems plans to add 1000+ designs in that calendar year alone. During this phase "we will allow individual retailers to showcase their own custom designs, allowing them to earn royalties on their designs which are sold by other retailers on the program," Desai says. "This will allow us to create the largest custom design directory of 3D designs in the world!"
Phase 4 will begin immediately after phase 3 in June 2018. In this phase Star Gems will use what they expect to be a large subscription base to promote the app and implement an extensive marketing campaign. At this point Desai expects the app to go viral. "We plan to restrict the USA and Canada subscription base to not exceed 1000 retailers, giving each retailer the ability to dominate their market by offering the one-of-a-kind designs with Star Gems producing the designs to help seamless execution of orders," he added.
"This is a massive effort and a very sizable investment we are undertaking," said Desai. "Retailers will realize huge benefits from the Custom Design app as these will be order only pieces, pretty much pre-sold for the retailers."
The fee for the Custom Design app is $75 per month with a one - time initiation fee of $275.
For contract details or more information contact Star Gems at 770 394 6727 or
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