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To our valued customers,

We are continuing to keep everyone in our prayers and remain positive. It just goes to show how much we can overcome when we come together.

First, we want to thank everyone for their understanding and support during these last few months where we were all tested by COVID-19. Through this situation, we have seen how the jewelry industry really is a family. It was great to see everyone trying to help one another out. Our thoughts and prayers continue to stay with those still facing issues.
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We have returned to all normal production timelines.

From now on, most orders will be ready to export from our factory 3 weeks after CAD confirmation. Simple orders with only round diamonds will be able to export from our factory approximately 2 weeks after CAD confirmation. Please allow extra time for orders reusing customer materials or more complex orders.
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Though our production has returned to normal timelines, there are still shipping/logistical issues due to COVID-19. We mainly use Fedex and have seen our 3 day shipments take up to a week as international flights are currently limited. As everyone is still adjusting back to normal, shipping times will cut down. We are updating the estimated delivery window under your orders on stargems.com. We have included a 1 week buffer in these dates to accommodate for shipping delays until everything gets back to normal.

We do not expect to go back into another shutdown because of COVID’s reemergence, as we are an export manufacturer, and we have received special permissions from the government. It has been challenging, and we have all weathered the storm together. The impact of COVID will be felt for a long time, but we are blessed to get back to normalcy. We have prided ourselves on never missing delivery dates, especially Christmas, so we are extremely happy to get back to that. We are grateful for our retailers’ support, and without your patience, it would not have been possible.

Please give us a call at 770 394 6727 or email sales@stargems.com if you have any questions or would like to start a new order. We are ready for any and all new orders like usual!

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their understanding of the situation, all the help we have received, and the continued support. As an industry, we would not have been able to make it through this if it were not for the resilience and drive of every individual involved. We are proud and blessed to get to work with these individuals every day.
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Thank you and hope to hear from you soon

Anish Desai, CEO

and the rest of the Star Gems Team