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TextMeChat and other tools to enhance your website's user experience

5 Innovative Tools To Enhance Customer Experience On Your Website
January 29, 2021

Optimizing an entire e-commerce website isn’t an easy task. If you have ever owned your own online retail business then you understand how important it is to integrate smart apps that amplify customer experience, and subsequently, revenue!

The digital sales market is booming, there’s no doubt about it. As a result, building customer experience needs to be an essential part of your business mission. A positive customer experience helps you win customers, retain customers, and get them to purchase from you time after time. There are thousands of app integrations available online for e-commerce store owners to date – but which ones are really worth it?

In this article, we’ll review our top 5 integrations designed to engage your customer on every step of the journey and advocate for your brand through positive encounters at every touchpoint.

Did you know that 70% of customers leave a website after adding an item into their cart? Were they simply unsure about their purchase, the quality of the item, or maybe even the return policy? Sometimes the answers can sometimes seem ambiguous.

With Privy Convert, these pain points are resolved in a few simple steps. Privy allows brands to create beautiful, targeted marketing campaigns aimed at every customer. Since no customer is ever the same, brands are required to construct well-executed email marketing strategies that appeal to a variety of consumer personas. If you’re the kind of brand that doesn’t want to come across as ‘cheap’ by offering too many discounts that de-values your products, Privy will allow you to generate cross-sell campaigns to increase cart value without offering discounts at all.

From popups to flyouts, spin-to-wins and email signups – if you want to keep customers engaged without offering the same old generic offer, Privy will be the ultimate remedy for you as an e-commerce retailer. It will keep every single popup relevant by triggering based on URL, number of items in cart, visit count, and many more! Watch your LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) soar to new heights with Privy Convert. Plus – plans start from as little as $13 monthly. Head over there!
Do you want to recover 21% of your abandoned carts? With LiveRecover , real agents follow up with your abandoned carts in real-time – converting each sale as they speak via text message. This all-in-one converter uses experienced in-house agents to answer customers questions and concerns to help turn abandoned carts into sales.

Agents are available from 8am to 9pm in their local timezones, meaning there will almost always be someone available to speak to your customer when they’re making their next unplanned 3am purchase. Using the contact information left in checkout, LiveRecover agents manually send a text message to your customer to gain valuable insight as to why they didn’t make a purchase.

Whether the agent manages to convert the customer or not, you will gain invaluable insight in which you can improve your products and services to avoid this happening in the future. The ultimate goal is to understand why customers didn’t convert. Through relaxed, genuine and non-salesy communication, agents answer any questions customers may have and guide them towards making their purchase. Agents are there to help, not annoy customers, and with a 46% response rate, it’s no surprise why LiveRecover has proven successful for many brands.

LiveRecover users can install the integration to their database at the click of a button. Simply connect your e-commerce platform to LiveRecover and your abandoned carts will be synced automatically, so you can get started. Their many existing features help maximize revenue in every kind of way. Such features include advanced analytics, conversion reports, contextual insight, conversation visibility, cart segmentation, unique discount codes and unique cart URLs.
Setmore allows your clients to schedule bookings and appointments with clients 24/7 using their online appointment software, helping your business run like clockwork.

Seamlessly manage your appointments through one virtual calendar that helps you and your clients connect anywhere. You can add video meeting links via free Zoom or Teleport integrations, create unlimited appointments, set email reminders and even brand your virtual office with personalized page URLs, logos, brand colors, visual elements and more – Setmore is a great solution to busy business owners today.

What’s more? The software is completely free. Now you’ll never miss an appointment again!
"Great brands are built on happy customers" – Yotpo, you couldn’t have said it better!

Yotpo is a world-renowned e-commerce marketing platform that doubles as a customer loyalty program. Accelerate your growth within a suite of solutions like customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals and SMS marketing. If you use Shopify as your CRM, Yotpo can be directly integrated and set up in a matter of minutes. Create a points-based reward system, offer incentives for referrals, and easily measure ROI with advanced in-app analytics.

Every Yotpo feature is designed to promote desired customer behaviors and drive increased LTV through low-cost acquisition. While their most popular feature is the reviews and ratings display; Yotpo serves as a powerhouse for e-commerce owners by acquiring high-intent traffic through partnerships with Google, Facebook and Instagram, giving your brand the social proof it needs in a saturated market. Yotpo is waiting for you!
TextMeChat was created specifically for the Jewelry Industry to help streamline communication between jewelers and their clients and is taking the industry by storm. This advanced app facilitates easy communication through direct text messaging with clients about specific projects, pieces of jewelry, and follows up about their thoughts on a recent purchase. Clients can schedule appointments directly through the website widget so whenever they need you, they have full access to make a booking on your calendar without having to message you first. Plan upcoming events, webinars and more with customers by using Group Messages or Broadcast to spread the word to all of your clients!

Now, the power is in your hands. One of the best-selling features, ‘Sell By Text’, permits jewelers to upload and create digital catalogs of their products. Digital retailers are able to broadcast their entire catalog to customers or forward select items that may be on promotion for a limited time. By featuring a unique AI-integration, TextMeChat lets clients automatically invoice their customers for items promoted via social media, facilitating easy, breezy communication making you more sales and revenue. Businesses cannot survive without dedicated customers. We hope with the tools and integrations listed above, you can take your customer lifetime value to the next level.