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Website Plan Features

Custom Website Design

Every business wants a website which stands out from their competition to get noticed.

Our creative web design services can build the best website for you, as per your likings.

We analyze your specific business needs carefully, and then custom design a website to achieve your goals. With the help of a talented and creative team of website designers, we will create a website while focusing on your choice and business requirements.

All our websites plans include FREE updates, hosting, domain registrations, email accounts and much more.

Responsive Web Design

Now a days, website browsing has become an essential part of life. Website browsing is not limited to a desktop or laptop, users browse through any device. So, to build a website which is responsive to any device, is being essential as well. Now what is exactly a responsive web design?

A responsive website design is a website with technology, which responds automatically to the user’s device, it accommodates website changes based on the platform the user is using, or the screen size of the device. It has the capability to switch itself in terms of resolution, image size and the content of the website.

So, in today’s world building a responsive website is not just an option, but a must to have, and we, provide you, a complete responsive web design, with call to action available on your mobile website, allowing your users to make a call on your number.

SEO (SERP Report., Keyword Research, and Analysis.)

Your online presence is vital for your business and the SEO of a website helps your business get found online.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, it is mainly focused on optimizing a website for search engines, to drive qualified traffic to your site, from organic search results. After analyzing your business, your business location and business goal, we look for the keywords which are effective in search engines. Using those keywords our SEO experts will optimize your website.

Once your website is optimized, with the help of SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) reports, we keep analyzing how well your website is ranking in the search results and we make the necessary changes.


People are looking to shop online, so if you want to sell your products online, we can help you create a successful ecommerce website to grow your business faster. E-commerce is a commonly used term for electronic commerce websites.

It is a platform, to do business over the internet without visiting the store, making it easier for your customers to shop. We will help you create your own online store where your customers can buy your products and use secure check out to complete the transaction.

SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to transfer personal information of customers and all the sensitive data securely. SSL certificate is a must for your site especially if your site processes financial transactions. Having a SSL security shows that you are the genuine owner of the website and also proves that you are serious about the security of your customer’s data.

SSL certificate will protect you from data breaches and helps you earn your customer’s trust, and thus get even better rankings in search results.

W3 Validation

We even provide W3 Validation for your website. W3 checks the website’s code for errors to ensure technical quality of a website.

Code errors can impact your site’s performance, as when the search engine searches for a result, they check the code of the website and if they find any error in the code they might remove the website from their index.

W3 validation even improves usability of any website, as if users do not find any errors and can browse through the website easily, they are more likely to visit it again.

Email Marketing

Along with the other services, we even provide email marketing. It is a digital marketing practice to promote products or services via email.

We will have the list of contacts who have registered on your website and, even you can provide us with a list of contacts.

We will be sending an eBlast to your website users for the product or services you would like us to promote. We will create an artwork and send it to you for your approval, after receiving your approval, we will send it to your website users.

Free Addons

Social Media Sharing : An option will be given on your website to share your products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon & Pinterest which would be very handy for your website users. We also provide an option to bookmark selected items to Google, Yahoo, and Del.icio

Graphic Design : Need a Logo, Promotional Ad or TV Ad? Do not worry as we provide all these services without any additional cost.

Catalog Design : Need a print catalog to showcase your items in-store? We will design a catalog with a professional look at no additional cost.