• Clear, Consistent Pricing
  • Industry-Leading Quality Governed by Experience
  • Scheduled and Streamlined Delivery
Custom Design At Stargems in Norcross, GA


Clear, Consistent Pricing

  • We provide quick price quotes up front.
  • No CAD fees or any hidden fees - pay the quoted price plus shipping.
  • No additional cost for revisions. The price only changes if the design changes or due to changes in global markets.


Industry-Leading Quality Governed by Experience

  • We have been a leader in custom for a long time now.
  • We make quality pieces by combining the latest design technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship.
  • Consistent quality which will stand the test of time.
  • We back all our products with warranty from defects of manufacturing.
  • We have many, many years of jewelry experience on our staff. We will guide you through the custom process, while making sure no mistakes are made on our end, ensuring your piece will be correct and delivered as soon as possible.
  • Our CAD team has lots of experience. Your design will be made with structural integrity so it will last.


Scheduled and Streamlined Delivery

  • Track delivery dates online
  • We do not miss promised dates - especially Christmas!
  • We largely stay within our delivery estimates, and WE CAN hit a specific deadline as needed.


How We Connect with You

  • We have created an entire system online for you to view all information associated with any of your orders.
    • See details on your past orders.
    • Easy-to-use, organized platform.
  • Access over 10,000+ CAD designs on our website.
  • We have made a comprehensive custom design manual which can help your staff sell custom and can help your customers come to a decision better.
  • We strive to respond to any and all messages as quickly as possible.
  • Our communication is clear and consistent so you are in the loop as to where your order is.


Manufacturing and Design Abilities

  • All work is done in one place - we are full-service manufacturers and do not outsource.
  • We cast in all precious metals.
    • All gold colors, including green
    • We offer plating.
    • We offer a nickel-free white gold alloy.
  • We can supply almost any stone.
    • We can even match an existing stone.
  • We can incorporate your or your customer’s supplied stones and gold.
  • We can cut, recut, polish, etc. supplied stones.
  • We can manufacture in quantity.
  • We have a 3D scanning machine in our Atlanta office (it is very accurate and highly calibrated). We can match rings to bands, replace missing earrings, and more. You may have a design, but we can custom-make the design to fit your customer’s lifestyle needs.
  • If your customer isn’t sure about their design, we can do professional hand sketches to show what the piece will look like. We can even create a design based on elements and themes that your customer likes.
Custom Design At Stargems in Norcross, GA

Please call us (770) 394-6727 or email us at sales@stargems.com today to get more information or send in a quote request. For quotes, it is best to email sales@stargems.com with pictures of what you are looking to make and all relevant specifications.

You can sign up for an account today at stargems.com where you can submit quote requests, view your orders, view our loose diamond inventory, and much more!

If you click the "Schedule Appointment" button below, you can select a time where we will call you and walk you through our custom design process and abilities. It won't take more than 30 minutes and will lead to compounding savings and earnings!