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Unlock the power of seamless communication with our cutting-edge texting feature, designed to elevate your business to new heights. Say goodbye to communication barriers and hello to unparalleled connectivity with your customers. Afford yourself the time to focus on building your brand instead of stressing over missed calls and texts.

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Discover our feature-packed solution for enhanced communication

All In One Dashboard

Our all-in-one dashboard brings everything together in one place, giving you a comprehensive overview of your communication channels. Say goodbye to switching between tabs and hello to seamless workflow integration.

Pay By Text/Email

Simplify & Speed up your payments with PayByText/Email
Your customers can now choose to pay their invoices using their preferred mode of communication: either text or email. Thus, making it seamless, safe, & simple for them to make payments.

Sell By Text

Now sell products easily to your customers! Create unlimited catalogs of products, catalogs for flyer programs, monthly specials catalogs, manage FB live event sales and more.

Email Alerts

Never miss a single customer’s thought! Receive email alerts on the spot as soon as a message is received through the Text Me Chat widget.

Google Reviews

in 30 seconds or less
Easily request and collect 5-star reviews from happy customers by sending them a hassle-free link to your Google Reviews page.

SMS Templates

Create unlimited, automated message templates with name personalization to send to your customers whenever they place an order. Save time, be more efficient.

Broadcast / Group Messages

Get ready to close leads in an instant with broadcast messaging! Turning clicks into customers has never been easier with the “Broadcast Message” feature, curated to message your contacts at once – perfect for one-time offers, holiday discounts, and sales events.

Managing Appointments

No more long exchanges to book appointments! Get instant appointments from your customers directly through the widget.

Keep A Track

Manage important data like your customer’s contact details, past inquiries, order status, and more.

Contact Management

You’re just one click away from importing your contacts! Easily transfer your entire contact list from your CRM and manage your leads conveniently from your dashboard.

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Text Me Chat is a superior product & more much affordable!
Both Podium & Text Me Chat will allow you to get reviews from a host of sites such as FB, Google, etc. but Text Me Chat will also let you do a "Group Text" to your clients. Instead of individually typing one text after another to each client, you can do one text to a group of them! Imagine using this for sales or event marketing? This is so powerful!

Bill Warren

Diamond Bill Marketing

I have text me chat and they redid our website. I'm happy with both. The web site we are still adding to it. We had a few cad jobs done by them. It was during all the closures in 2020.

Henry Laskowski

Henry's Jewelers

Personally I love that I have never once felt pressured or guilted into a product by Anish, he has always been helpful and understanding. We weren't able to enroll at first because we were trying to get more stable, he understood and let us know that when we were ready he was there. 6 months later we had it!
Podium on the other hand has called numerous times, been pushy, not understanding. When we explained we were content they tried to guilt us into don't harass me to try and get me change my mind.

Luisa Valeria Smith

Cornerstone Jewelry And Repair

I've got to be honest with you fellow jewelers....I was a huge fan of the "Podium" review management program for several years. However, after looking closely at & doing a "Live" demo of the product....I honestly think "Text Me Chat" by Anish Desai at Stargems is a superior product & for much less money! I've now beem on Text Me Chat for a couple of months along with still having Podium. Allow me to explain why I feel the way I do....both Podium & Text Me Chat will allow you to get reviews from a host of sites such as FB, Google, etc. but...Text Me Chat will also let you do a "Group Text" to your clients. Imagine the power of this...instead of individually typing one text after another to each client, instead you can do one text to a group of them! Imagine using this for sales or event marketing? This is so powerful...I just turned my notice in to Podium & I'm having it cut off and will only use Text Me Chat....needless to say, instead of paying $300 per month, I only pay a fraction of that now & can do more with it! Text Me Chat also Works seamlessly with my website for customers to chat with me directly from there as well. Anish Desai didn't ask me to do this but since I am the "Jeweler's Success Coach" I wanted to share with you something that I'm using that is helping me be more effective & save money as well! Good luck to each of you....I'm in no way downing Podium, it's a good product...but it simply will not do as much & will cost you more in the long run! Make it a great day everyone..."Diamond"

Bill Warren

Warren's Jewelers

SellbyText was so instrumental in taking my business to the next level. I went from a mediocre mom and pop store to a 7 figure store overnight. It enabled me to reach out to small groups, large groups with any message at anytime. Plus, we overcame the order taking problem from our Facebook live events instantly. What could be better than having a great tech solution? Having it at a great price. Plus having the support from someone that actually cares about our industry. Anish Desai thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for bringing this amazing product to our industry. I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us. Congratulations.

Tiffany Bayley

Avalon Park Jewelers

I had Podium, liked it, but am with Text MeChat from Anish. A lot less with the same or better features as Podium.

Keplycy Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson Jewelry

Podium users, it's time to switch to Text Me Chat

Features Podium Text Me Chat
Collect reviews
Collect payment via text *
Create templates
Book appointments
Group & broadcast messaging
1-click contacts import
Sell by text
No contract
Price Starts at $300/mo Starts at $110/mo (*conditions apply)


We charge one small monthly fee. Your price only increases when your business grows. No contracts.

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Text customers, get reviews, and collect payments.

$110 / month

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  • Text customers
  • Request reviews
  • Broadcasting Feature
  • 1500 messages free
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