Custom Designed Jewelry

Collect and Manage all custom requests on your website.

How It Works?

Collect and Manage all custom requests on your website.

With the Star Gems CAD iFrame installed on your website, your customers will be able to place their custom jewelry orders directly through your website. They will be able to input their budget, jewelry type, metal type as well as metal color and can also submit a reference image based on which they want their one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry made…something they will hold dear for years to come.

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Get quotes

Easily get quotes from one of the nation’s leading custom houses, Star Gems.

With all the information collected regarding the custom piece, Star Gems will carefully evaluate the jewelry specifications provided by the customer and will accordingly provide a quote for the request. After this, Star Gems will give you a rendering which shows what the piece will look like. Once the customer confirms that everything looks good, their dream jewelry starts getting made using the latest techniques and the finest quality materials.

Get Price Quotes From Star Gems

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

Get quick quotes from Star Gems on custom manufacturing

  • You can find all the incoming quote requests from your customers in the Quote Requests tab on your Dashboard.
  • You will also be able to view the customer’s contact information and edit their request if needed, as you get more information from them.
  • Once you have all the information, you can submit the order as an Open Order from your Dashboard.
  • Star Gems will then respond with a quote which you will be notified of via email.


Dashboard Screens

How can I get it?

Steps to set up the iFrame Code

  • Register for an Account or Login at Star Gems.
  • Once you are approved via email, Login at Star Gems.
  • Go to the Retailer iFrame tab and click on "Request iFrame Code"
  • Once you submit request for iframe code, one of our team members will reach out to you and/or send you the iframe code via email.
  • Once you receive the the code, get it installed on your website by your website developer.
  • Find the quote requests on your Dashboard under the Retailer CAD Dashboard tab.
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