How to Buy a Diamond:

Star Gems, Inc. carries a large inventory in loose diamonds. From Melee to about 5 CT. in all shapes, color and clarity. We can also bag your orders for service as per your job requirements. We also carry certified loose diamonds and accurately grade all non-certified loose diamonds to meet industry standards. Give us a try for your next call of loose diamond needs and we will help you save money. Guaranteed.

Star Gems Material:

Star Gems Platinum
The exceptional beauty of StarGems Platinum is due to its extraordinary purity. StarGems Platinum is proudly certified 95% pure platinum and 5% ruthenium. Note that StarGems does not use cobalt as an alloy because its oxidation would dull the platinum luster. Because of StarGems Platinum's color-free, tarnish-free qualities, it is often the metal of choice to display a diamond's brilliance.

Star Gems Gold
Of course, absolutely pure gold is much too soft and malleable to hold the delicate details in fine jewelry. This is why virtually all StarGems Gold is 18 karat gold: 75% pure gold, 25% alloy.

The color of StarGems Gold is distinctive and uniform. Look closely and you can often distinguish between StarGems Gold and other gold. The reason is that StarGems uses more silver than copper as an alloy.

StarGems white gold is also 75% pure. To minimize even the possibility of allergic reactions, StarGems uses little or no nickel in the alloy.