Company Profile

In 1986, Star Gems, Inc. was co-founded and started in Chicago, IL by Anish Desai and Vilas Jain. The company has offices located in Chicago, Atlanta and Mumbai, India. Star Gems, Inc. is one of the world's finest loose diamond importers and international jewelry manufacturers with a solid reputation in the Jewelry Industry.

Star Gems has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end fashion jewelry. It also offers much more than just jewelry, with one of the largest ideal make, certified (GIA, AGS, and EGL) diamond inventories in the Southeast, supplying anything from 0.50 and up to 5.00 carats, including natural and fancy colors.

Star Gems, Inc. continued to grow and realized the growing trend and requests for fine custom jewelry pieces it was supplying to more than 250 Independent retailers. In 2010, Star Gems, Inc. began focusing only on fine custom jewelry pieces. Star Gems, Inc. developed the design and manufacturing capabilities for unique custom pieces. Star Gems established the custom capabilities for their retailers; along with creating marketing and media products and programs. The web-based support group in India continued to evolve and grow to support Star Gems, Inc.; and continues to expand the capabilities for all retailers to include SEO and SMO services.

As custom design requests continued to grow as more retailers were looking for special and unique pieces; Star Gems realized the growing potential of custom designed and manufactured pieces. Custom manufacturing allows retailers to present customers a wide and ever-changing array of products. Any customer request can be met, with the piece designed and manufactured at Star Gem's India facility. These custom pieces are offered at very competitive prices because Star Gems cuts out the middlemen and passes along the savings.

The retailer base continues to grow and there are currently more than 1,300 retail jewelers registered with Star Gems, Inc. The company realized the younger generation is growing up in the computer / internet era. Buying and shopping habits are changing and the jewelry industry needs to have options also. At this time, the design team for Star Gems, Inc. has already created over 15000 custom designs for numerous customers. So, Anish, along with the design team, manufacturing staff, and the marketing and media groups; determined a need for a Custom Application for retailers and customers to use in assisting with customer custom designs.

In March, 2016 the first Custom Studio Application was launched; it allowed approximately 20 retailers the opportunity to use and test a new mobile application. This launch provided approximately 300 designs in both 3D and CAD images. The application was introduced on all browsing platforms including Apple, Android, Windows 10, and a Cloud based Desktop version. Work was in process to develop a custom video unit to place in retail stores, which would give customers and retailers the ability to work with custom designs. Though fine custom designed jewelry is not new, Star Gems, Inc. has come up with this novel idea that will be a game changer for the jewelry industry.

Once testing was completed, the first Custom Studio Video Unit arrived at Star Gems, Inc in Georgia the middle of October, 2016. The unit is a large 42 inch diagonal flat screen with the same capabilities as any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Shortly after, 6(six) units were delivered to US retailers in late December, 2016 and early January, 2017. In March, 2017 more Custom Studio units were ordered for retailers, with numerous new features. Among these features are:
  • Designs with retail pricing
  • An E-commerce platform for customers to pay for special orders
  • The capability to import a picture from anywhere on the internet
  • Design modification for stone shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Ability to incorporate text in the design
  • Save a changed design for future reference.

Star Gems, Inc. will continue to add more designs to the Application, which will lead to the first application offering the largest selection of 3D designs. The next step will be to bring in unknown designers to showcase their talents and designs. Star Gems, Inc. will continue to produce all designs in silver, 10k, 14k, & 18k white, yellow, or rose gold, Platinum, and Palladium. Many designs shown can also be requested in silver CZ samples to show your customer.

Custom Studio is a patent pending application and a registered trademark of Star Gems Inc.