Star Gems introduces innovative Sell By Text

Star Gems introduces innovative Sell By Text
January 4, 2021

New method delivers easy way to sell and get paid instantly

"Selling jewelry online is unnecessarily difficult because of the disconnect between managing an online presence versus how jewelry is sold in store," says Anish Desai, CEO of Star Gems. "Stop missing out on the fastest-growing revenue source in the jewelry industry with Sell By Text!"

Sell By Text is an AI-enabled customer communication and sales platform created to ease the burden of selling online and over distance. Getting your product in front of a customer’s eyes and closing a sale when they are not physically in front of you can be a stressful situation. These problems can be easily solved with the introduction of Sell By Text.

SellByText from Stargems

Sell By Text’s automation-friendly design uses AI algorithms combined with text messaging to facilitate sales from start to finish. Retailers can create a digital catalog of items for ease of visualization, and then send those items to a customer in a text message. The customer can add any items they like into their cart and pay directly from the link in the text message. This powerful system allows a customer to purchase safely and securely from anywhere.

Sell By Text gives jewelers the ability to instantly create a digital catalog of their own product line. Imagine curating your perfect catalog of items for Valentine’s Day and then broadcasting that catalog to all the customers in your database – instantly.

Sell By Text can be easily integrated with a Facebook Live selling event by creating a special catalog. Customers simply text in to buy and automatically receive an invoice back, streamlining the invoicing and payment processes – all while collecting new customers’ information and expanding your audience.

“We envisioned Sell By Text as an ideal tool for the jewelry industry,” said Desai. “It enables quick, precise communication and sales generation with customers around the world. Furthermore, it allows retailers to cater their offerings to each customer’s specific wants and needs. Each catalog can be tailored to a customer, an event, type of item, etc. The possibilities are endless.”

Sell By Text is available as an add-on through Star Gems' TextMeChat and Pay By Text service.

To find out more about TextMeChat and what it offers, click here and set up a demo. You may also call 770-394-6727 or email for more information.