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Company Profile: TextMeChat by StarGems
June 21, 2021

Tell us about Stargems:

Stargems is a America’s leading custom design house and direct manufacturer creating customer dreams for over 30+ years. We are also an AGS supplier and members of several trade organizations and buying groups worldwide. We currently serve 2000+ independent jewelry retailers with their custom design needs, private label bridals and provided the best technology solutions to help independent retailers grown their business every day. With 100’s of testimonials from customers we are truly your best source for all jewelry manufacturing needs.

Who are some of the members of your team?

Our team consists of over 350+ team members from our manufacturing facility in India to our operations here in the USA and with an in-depth experience of jewelry requirement fulfillment.

Our team is lead by Anish Desai as President and Rohan Desai as the Future CEO of the company. With USA locations in Atlanta and Chicago established in 1986 we have expanded our offerings to profitable solutions to independent retailers across the globe

Tell us about some of the most significant milestones in your company:

What started as a loose diamond house in 1986 our milestones took a number of years to come as we learned what are the requirements to serve our customer base the best.

In 2010 we were the first ones to bring NO CAD FEES in custom design offerings to the jewelry industry. We also launched Textmechat as a solution to help retailers gain more reviews and develop better communication and outreach in 2020 and we most recently introduced Sellbytext in 2021 all fueling the growth of business.

What product(s) or service(s) are you most excited about?

Our innovations of patent-pending Design app called Customstudio is an experience that allows the end-user to design and place an order with qualified retailers seamlessly all from their phone or any device, our newest introduction of Custom Design Iframe is one seamless solution to processing custom jewelry seamless and we will be introducing this service in July 2021 FREE to our retail partners.

Next, of course, is TextMeChat which has proven to be a game-changing technology for jewelers,
and now we’re excited to connect with Pawnbrokers. TextMeChat enables pawnshops to:

  • Collect reviews
  • Collect payment via text
  • Create templates
  • Book appointments
  • Import contacts with 1-click
  • Sell by text

Starting at just $95 per month with no contracts ever!

What’s it like to do business with you?

Trust and relationships are built over time and to date we are proud to say we have customers that started back in the 90’s doing business with us and grown multiple times over.

We make it easy to do business, with online tools and all access at your fingertips our motto is to empower the customer and make it very simple to do business. Come and try it you will be amazed.

Almost 90% of our new customers are referrals that are introduced to us by our existing clients.

What can we expect in the next few months?

With continued innovations in technology that is built to help retailers grow and simplifying with ease of ordering, we are truly here to help you grow.