Star Gems SellByText showing explosive growth

Company reports over $1M in sales generated in December
January 3, 2022

After Star Gems debuted SellByText in February 2021, it quickly gained traction and took the industry by storm, according to the company. SellByText is an add-on subscription to Star Gems’ well-known TextMeChat. While TextMeChat provides retailers with an easy to use texting and review platform, the SellByText add-on enhances it with the ability to create products and catalogs, manage social media live selling events, and handle payments. According to Star Gems, the easy to use SellByText tool generated retailers over $1,000,000 in sales in December 2021. Retailers are using it to make sales and simplify their payments in a way which makes end consumers feel comfortable and catered to. It has long been clear in this industry and almost every other consumer industry that eCommerce is the future. More specifically, consumers identify mobile-focused eCommerce as the easiest way to purchase. SellByText takes this a step further to provide a personalized eCommerce experience for consumers who can request products with a simple text and checkout right from their phone. Retailers can also share their product and catalog links over social media, text, and email for consumers to view and purchase.

“These new avenues of selling, which SellByText provides retailers with, have generated them thousands of dollars each month in additional revenue which otherwise would not have been possible,” says Star Gems President, Anish Desai. “In December of 2021 alone, over $1,000,000 in sales were made through SellByText. Each month, the sales volume made through SellByText continues to increase. It will continue to grow because of the ease of use and direction of the market.”

To contact Star Gems for more information or to schedule a demo on TextMeChat and SellByText, visit and, call 770-394-6727 or email

SellByText from Stargems
SellByText from Stargems