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TextMeChat rolls out The Edge Integration and Clienteling features

New additions to the popular service to help retailers grow

October 5, 2022

(ATLANTA) – TextMeChat, a software tool from Star Gems which helps manage business interactions such as Google reviews, messaging, and collecting payments via SellByText, will now be able to integrate with The Edge point of sale software.

TextMeChat has hundreds of jewelry retailer users. It continually adds features to help these retailers.

“We are always pushing the envelope,” says founder Anish Desai. “We added functionality to support stores with multiple locations and have seen SellByText continue to flourish.” SellByText is TextMeChat’s innovative feature which has generated millions of dollars in additional revenue for retailers, says Desai.

TextMeChat’s integration with The Edge is done through the electronic data transfer (EDT) feature in The Edge. EDT allows TextMeChat to read The Edge data output and utilize the data for automations in TextMeChat. Once the EDT feature is purchased directly through The Edge, it will be able to communicate with TextMeChat. This communication will allow users to introduce clienteling features with automations such as repair completion text messages, review requests, birthday and anniversary texts, product notifications based on client wishlists, and much more. TextMeChat is not increasing its prices with these additions.

Clienteling is important because it grows a store’s relationship with customers on an individual basis. It helps salespeople perform better with their existing customer base. The deeper relationships formed with customers will increase the chance for those customers to give reviews and recommend the retailer to others. These features were developed through retailer feedback along with TextMeChat’s internal push for innovation.

SellByText from Stargems

SellByText from Stargems

“POS (point of sale) integrations for software are incredibly powerful,” says Leo Motta, director of TextMeChat sales. “We are so ingrained with the POS systems we use each day. Texting apps like TextMeChat are also used each day. So for them to communicate with one another and work fluidly to create automations will save time and generate money. Salespeople will work smarter and your customer base will spend more dollars with you,”

Currently still in beta testing, The Edge integration and clienteling features are scheduled to roll out in the fourth quarter of 2022 to TextMeChat’s user base.

TextMeChat was started in 2020. SellByText was added in 2021. TextMeChat and SellByText fall under the umbrella of Star Gems who are known for the many innovative ideas which they bring to the jewelry industry. Visit TextMeChat.com or StarGems.com for more information. Contact them by phone at 770-394-6727.