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Scavenger Hunt

Create what seems like a simple list of items for your customers to find. The last item on the list should be a Sign saying how much they love your store. They will have their picture taken holding the sign to go up on facebook. Make this part of the contest rules.

Only the first person in the store with the entire list of items gets put into the drawing. Every day take a picture of the winner holding their sign and put it up on Facebook/Twitter or other social media!

Run the promotion from 2 weeks to a month, after that time, pull a name from the box of entries and the winner can receive anything from an IPad to a $100 dollar gift certificate.

This promotion is a lot of Fun and certainly gets a lot of people in the community involved. It will also increase your facebook activity and probably result in more "Likes" for your page! To promote, post the contest on facebook, have sign in your store, and add a pop up on your website, listing the rules and scavenger items!

Use any of the following as examples;

  • A Seashell
  • Their favorite piece of jewelry
  • An unused Birthday Candle
  • Movie ticket stub
  • Colored napkin (not white)
  • Paper Grocery Bag
  • Used printer cartridge
  • Potato
  • Popsicle stick
  • Bar of hotel soap
  • Used stamp or a One cent stamp
  • A watch that needs a Battery
  • Pack of takeout ketchup
  • A penny with their Birth year on it
  • A cassette tape (or just the case)
  • A Christmas card (if it's summer, or the opposite holiday for your time of year)
  • Bank deposit envelope
  • A business card for a local Pizza place
  • A sign they made saying they "Love ABC Jewelers"