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Who Doesnt Love Chocolate promotion, (Especially popular with the ladies)

This is a great one for late summer and early fall, when the auburn colors go with just about everything you wear. It can also be for any time when you want to have some fun and promote your store!

Find a local candy shop or bakery willing to either trade with you or co host this event in a partnership. Think of it as a chocolate sampling and jewelry event. What woman wouldn't want to attend? Make sure the event is at your store for security reasons.

Get together your best chocolate colored jewelry items any rich smoldering brown and auburn tones will do nicely. White diamonds in pink gold will also work. Be sure to have Jewelry items for every budget so everyone can walk out of your store smiling with the tastes of chocolate on their minds and a pretty new treasure.

Chocolate PromotionChocolate Promotion

Don't forget to have a bunch of loose gems on hand with semi mounts so they can be set on the spot while customer nibbles away. Call vendors and get items sent in on memo for the one day if you don't feel you have the necessary inventory. Put all other items away and feature these items as available for one day only. This will increase the buying frenzy.

Here's the Fun part, Have a chocolate fountain (you can rent one locally and they handle all the set up and clean up). Have chocolate cake, candies, cookies, and other confections laid out. (Hopefully provided in part by the your host partner)

Make it a massive one day event where you and the bakery/candy shop both sent out invitations in a mass mailing to BOTH of your customer data bases.

Chocolate Gems Suggestions;
  • Fancy Brown Diamonds,
  • Smokey Quarts
  • Andalucite
  • Chocolate pearls
  • Tiger's eye
  • Topaz
  • Amber
  • Jasper
  • Chocolate Opal

While your staff is showing the variety of gemstone options, your co host is taking all the compliments for the amazing food and passing out their own business cards. It's a win win!

Use this as a marking campaign to be the jeweler who loves chocolate, and partners with other local establishments.

How to Promote this;
Send out direct mail invitations to your entire data base of customers and the data base of your co host. Make sure the invitations specify free chocolate and you will have plenty of people show up! Post on your social media and add a pop up to your website. Be sure to specify a date and time.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures of customers enjoying the food and trying the chocolate fountain. Share these pictures with your co host as you both tag each other in the picture posted online. Post these pictures on your facebook page and other social media.

Chocolate and Your Brain; The Feel Good Factor

Eating chocolate makes us feel good. But why exactly? Is it the taste? Is there something inside the chocolate?

This is what they know: chocolate contains more than 500 natural chemical compounds, some of which have been categorized as mood-elevating and pleasure-inducing. (Perfect thing for your customers)
Chocolate Promotion
Chocolate Promotion
Chocolate Promotion
Chocolate Promotion